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This site has been conceived and set up following the W3C WCAG 2.0 recommendations.

However, the main part of this site consists of photo galleries. The quantity of photos did not allow us to draft alternatives text relevant for each of them.

Main measures taken to make accessible this site.

  • All the pages are structured with treated on a hierarchical basis titles  ;
  • All the images, except photo gallery, have a textual explicit equivalent  ; Labels are explicitly associated with the fields of form  ;
  • All the links have an explicit contents  ;
  • The contents are separated from the structure of presentation by the use of style sheets CSS  ;
  • The changes of language, the abbreviations and the acronyms are marked out  ; The code and the style sheets are valid  ;
  • The links opening in a new window are marked out  ;
  • The mechanisms of navigation are coherent and understandable (links of avoidance to cross the navigation and go diretement in the contents, the Ariadne’s thread, the search engine, the site map)  ;
  • Control mechanisms of the font size to assure a comfort of reading.


The graphics was defined and realized by taking into account the parameters of the accessibility. The problems of contrasts and overlappings of colors were thought so that the partially-sighted persons have no difficulties of reading. 

Multimedia and video.

The present videos on this site result from other sites. We cannot guarantee their accessibility.

Tools to be downloaded for the reading of certain contents

Tools used to verify the conformity of this Web site.

  • HTML approver of the W3C  ;
  • Windows 7 and 10 Microsoft  ;
  • Mac OS X  ;
  • Firefox last versions  ;
  • Extension Firefox Web Developer  ;
  • Extension Firefox Accessibility Web  ;
  • Color contrast to analyze version 1.2  ;
  • Last NVDA version  ;
  • JAWS 15.